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Sagittarius Kingston Zodiac Walk

We will be connecting and walking Sagittarius energy in The Kingston Zodiac on:

Saturday 6th December
Meeting at Richmond Station 11.30am

Full Moon is at 12.27pm

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Mary Caine discovered the terrestial Zodiac in the landscape centred around Kingston upon Thames. This month is Sagittarius in the Kingston Zodiac.
Interestingly Sagittarius is the 9th sign counting round from Aries.

As we walk we will be connecting to the landscape with the intention of healing the Sagittarius energy both in ourselves and the land.

As well as being a wonderful healing and connection to the land, it is a personal journey for transformation.
We shall harness connections to the Earth spirit in the landscape to gain enlightenment and revelations/synchronicity.

At the start of each walk you will have the option to receive a smudging using North American white sage which will cleanse your energy. Sometimes we may use crystals, meditation or cards to support us on our way.

At various sites we bless and honour the spirit of place, its guardians and the ancestors who sought sanctuary here over many centuries.

Saturday 6th December 2014

We will begin at:

Sagittarius will be a 3 hour connection/walk and we will go for tea/refreshments and chat for those that wish to stay on.

We will meet at:
The local information desk at Richmond Underground Station
(end of the District Line, also on fast train from Waterloo, please check timetable as some weekends the district line is closed)

Nearest stations: Richmond

£5 Concessions


• Bring water & umbrella just in case!

• We will be walking on grass and possible muddy puddle pathways this time, however please dress in suitable attire, good walking shoes, trainers. Not flip flops! You may want to wear wellies at this time of year!

• The walk will go ahead no matter what the weather conditions are, and bring a bottle of water as we are not always near shops or cafes.

Further Info:

We shall gather together under the Sagittarian stars of the Richmond area.

As we have just over 2 weeks to go in the darkest period of the year before the gradual return of the light after the Winter Solstice, we shall count our blessings and be thankful for our life here on planet Earth.

Saggitarius in the Kingston Zodiac is quite a large landscape figure.
The figure classically is a half man half horse with bow and arrow. Visionary Mary Caine who had plotted the features of the Zodiac does not indicate where the bow and arrow may be pointing. Perhaps that part is left for us individually to discover, each in our way.

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