Kingston Zodiac

The Kingston Zodiac was discovered by Mary Caine, whilst living in Kingston upon Thames. Mary Caine had worked with Katherine Maltwood on the Glastonbury Zodiac.

I was introduced to the Kingston Zodiac on 12th July 2012 having lived in Richmond for 8 years. Excited by this new insight, i read Mary Caines book and watched the dvd on the Kingston Zodiac. Having worked for many years with the London ley line system, as discovered by Chris Street, i was curious how walking and connecting with the Kingston Zodiac would unfold. It wasn’t till January 2013 that i consciously started walking the area of the land in the zodiac. For example, walking Kingston which is in Libra in end September/begin October. However, i did find that i had already been working with the terrestrial zodiac in a way that was linked and had done so by intuition.

I discovered that during the process i would experience personal healing, many past life connections and synchronisities. As i connected more to the land, i would reveal and be shown more insights from spirits. These would often occur through intuition, psychic visions and synchronistic meetings. During 2014 spirit encouraging me to run my own healing walks in the Kingston Zodiac and to set up the website for those that are interested.

You are welcome to join in the Kingston Zodiac walks, which are about connecting to the earth and the energies of the star sign. You may feel drawn to come to all or just 1 please see the blog for the latest information. There is a minimal charge for the walks to cover the costs.

Many blessings and may love be your guide.

Jo xxx