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Guardian Dogs At St Annes Hill

Thanks to everyone that came on the walk this Saturday into the Guardian Dog energy of the Kingston Zodiac on St Annes Hill, Chertsey and then onto Great Fosters!

It was an incredible day starting with the 2 wells in the heart of the dog then connecting up to the eye of the dog at Great Foster. The heart and the mind were truly connected in the solar eclipse, spring equinox, new moon energy!

A few photos of our magical day!


Trui Dowsing The Eye Of The Guardian Dog


St Annes Well Guardian Dog


It was magic at the well on St Annes Hill!

Guardian Dog Kingston Zodiac Walk

Guardian Dog Kingston Zodiac Walk

The next walk will be into the Guardian Dog.

As we start the new 12 month cycle round the zodiac effigies, we will enter the gateway by walking the Guardian Dog. This walk is a great entry into the yearly cycle and a personal journey for transformation.

We are meeting on a very powerful energetic day, as it is the full solar eclipse in the morning, the new moon and spring equinox.

20th March 2015, 12 noon

Meeting in the car park of St Ann’s Hill, Chertsey, KT16

Not so easy to get to by public transport.
Overground: Chertsey station is 25 minutes walk
There may be some good bus routes.

£5 Concessions

• Bring water & umbrella just in case, and wrap up warm!
• We will be walking on grass and possible muddy puddle pathways this time, however please dress in suitable attire, good walking shoes, trainers. Not flip flops! You may want to wear wellies at this time of year!
• The walk will go ahead no matter what the weather conditions are, and bring a bottle of water as we are not always near shops or cafes.

The Guardian of the Zodiac is considered to be the Great Hound, in the Kingston Zodiac.
So to begin the adventure and journey we must first approach the Kingston Zodiac by honouring the Guardian Dog who gives permission to enter the Zodiac.

We shall journey to harness connections to the Earth spirit in the landscape to gain enlightenment, revelations/synchronicity and healing.

Each walk varies in length, however we start with a 2-3 hour healing walk into the dog energy on St Ann’s Hill.

We are meeting on the day of the new moon which is aligned with the Spring Equinox which proposes to be a highly auspicious time to bring fresh vitality into life.
A great day to harness new energies!

Guardian_Dog_Kingston_Zodiac_St_Anns_WellThe Guardian Dog effigy faces west and is situated to the west of the circle of the other effigies that compose the 12 Kingston Zodiac figures.
The Hounds eye is at Great Fosters, its tail at Walton (at the sign of Crab or a boat in the case of the Kingston Zodiac for Cancer) where Mary Caine chose to be buried, rather than at her home town of Kingston.
We are set to take a circular walk over this area of St Ann’s Hill, which is the heart of the dog and situated west of the site chosen to build Chertsey Abbey, founded in the year 666.
The site contains an ancient camp, a view from the beacon site, St Ann’s well, plus another rather less obvious and concealed well. Large mushrooms had been noticed on previous occasions, this time fresh flowers should be bursting out to greet the sun.

The intention is to become enriched and energised by the experience and in that process give back healing to the land and its occupants both natural and human.
An opportunity to walk between the worlds and receive personal guidance in a number of different ways.

Dog_Chertsey_Kingston_ZodiacCanis Major & Minor are positioned over this effigy. The Dog star Sirius is positioned in this region of space in the heavens.
The area holds a mysterious enchantment which may lead to encounters.
At the foot of the hill is the public house The Golden Grove, as an Oak tree grove lies behind it, sacred to the Druids.
There will be the opportunity to spend time here after concluding our activities, for reflection, rest and refreshment.

For those that have time, afterwards you may wish to continue your walk onto Spellthorne St. Mary at Thorpe or visit Great Fosters which are both powerful energy centres in their own right.

On the same day. early in the morning there will be a near full (85%) solar eclipse, be sure to see it for its stunning effect.
The effect begins from 8.45am and the moon will be nearest the middle of the sun at 9.31am, by 10.41 it will be complete. Additionally the hidden moon will be at its closest proximity to Earth. The UK hasn’t seen a full solar eclipse since 1999, and the next one is 2090. So possible the last chance to see it in the UK this lifetime!

The walk will go ahead no matter what the weather conditions are, please dress in suitable attire, and bring a bottle of water as we are not always near shops or cafes.
At the start of each walk you will have the option to receive a smudging using North American white sage which will cleanse your energy. Sometimes we may use crystals, meditation or cards to support us on our way.

At various sites we bless and honour the spirit of place, its guardians and the ancestors who sought sanctuary here over many centuries.

We have walked the Kingston Zodiac for 3 years and continue to find new connections as we move through to new levels of personal and planetary consciousness. There will be plenty of time to meet like minded people and connect with nature.
We look forward to you joining us on this Zodiac Adventure and healing walk, connecting with new friends and old acquaintances.

Love & Gratitude
Jo & Trui xx

The next walk will be into Aries in Hounslow Heath 12 noon: Friday 5th April 2015

Details to follow.

“Human life is enriched by means of a force activities through the correct geographical relationship of sacred centres” – John Michell

Disclaimer: Please note you are responsible for your own well being on this walk and Jo Ward/Anthony Charlton are not anyway liable for you.