Libra Kingston Zodiac Walk 2015

Kingston_Zodiac_Libra_2015Libra Kingston Zodiac Walk 2015

We will be walking the effigy of the Libra star sign in the Kingston Zodiac on Sunday.

Charming & Harmonious. This “happy go lucky” sign seek peace, and often are successful at business

Kingston has much history and is very important link into the London leylines.
The walk will be connecting with the spirit of the land for personal and planetary healing.

The walk will be into Libra:
Sunday 4th October 2015
Meeting 12pm Noon for a 3 hour connection/walk.

We go with the flow of the energy on the day and complete the walk according to the natural flow and synchronicities of the day, rather than an exact time.

£10 concessions

We will meet:
Kingston Railway Station

Mary Caine discovered the Kingston Zodiac and during the walk we will acknowledge Mary’s discovery and are gratefully for the initial work she did on the Kingston Zodiac. If you are new to the Zodiac, a brief introduction to the Zodiac and the map effigies will be shown at the beginning of the walk.

As we walk we will be connecting to the landscape with the intention of healing the Virgo energy both in ourselves and the land. As well as being a wonderful healing and connection to the land, it is a personal journey for transformation. We shall harness connections to the Earth spirit in the landscape to gain enlightenment and revelations/synchronicity.

At the start of each walk you will have the option to receive a smudging using North American white sage which will cleanse your energy. Sometimes we may use crystals, meditation or cards to support us on our way. At various sites we bless and honour the spirit of place, its guardians and the ancestors who sought sanctuary here over many centuries.

During our walk the intention is to become enriched and energised by the experience and in that process give back healing to the land and its occupants both natural and human.
We are now in our 3rd year of walking the Kingston Zodiac and continue to find new connections as we move through to new levels of personal and planetary consciousness. There will be plenty of time to meet like minded people and connect with nature.

• Bring drinking water, sun protection & umbrella just in case!
• We will be walking on grass and possible muddy puddle pathways depending on the weather, please dress in suitable attire, good walking shoes, trainers!
• The walk will go ahead no matter what the weather conditions are, and bring a bottle of water as we are not always near shops or cafes.

More Info on Kingston Zodiac into Libra:

Libra the 7th sign of Zodiac is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus.
Libra demonstrates the attribute of Harmony applying positively with all things when balanced.
The Kingston zodiac effigy appears as a bird in the centre of Kingston with wings outstretched to the north and south, alongside the Thames from the town centre, with the birds head around All Saints church by the market square. The bird effigy is best interpreted as a dove representing peace. Alternatively perhaps it could be an eagle. There are many bird signs and references observed around the town. Birds can be considered as messengers, an inspiration and source for enlightenment.

The zodiac symbol for Libra is normally depicted as a pair of Scales, associated with Justice, or a balancing of opposite forces or influences, following the recent Autumn Equinox and commonly explained as the weighing after completion of the harvest at this time of year.

The Coronation Kings Stone is a sarsen stone (similar to those found at Avebury & Stonehenge) which was recorded in the old churchyard of St Mary which fell down in 1730 nearby to where All Saints church now stands and was later moved into the market place and moved once again to its present position outside the Guildhall, seat of the administrative offices for the County of Surrey. The judicial County Court is also located nearby.
Kingston was considered important by the Anglo-Saxon kings, following the Danish invasions (when England was split into two) to be installed and crowned by sitting on the stone. The heptagonal railing around the stone is marked with names of the 7 kings starting from King Alfred’s son Edward the Elder in the year 899, Athelstan, Edmund, Eldred, Edwy (Edwig), Edward the Martyr and Ethelred the Unready in 979.
Nearby there are many paths alongside the Hogsmill river, which rises in Ewell (in Leo) flows its way here to meet the Thames.

A midsummer sunrise alignment of sites form the recognised Coronation ley line, connecting sites such as Mount Arnold Circus, St Paul’s Cathedral, Blackfriars, Westminster Abbey through Kingston and onward to St George’s Hill, Weybridge.
Significantly, Kingston is one of the defining power points on the Earthstars 30 point star grid circling London is a fascinating historic place to walk, explore and connect with.

We will be connecting with the crystal energy for Libra.

We look forward to you joining us on this Zodiac Adventure and healing walk, connecting with new friends and old acquaintances.

After the walk we usually go for refreshments.

Dogs welcome.

Love & Gratitude
Jo & Trui xx

N.B. The following walk will be into Scorpio in Kingston Sunday 8th November.
Disclaimer: Please note you are responsible for your own well being on this walk and Jo Ward/Anthony Charlton are not anyway liable for you.

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