Capricorn Kingston Zodiac Walk

We will be connecting and walking Capricorn energy in The Kingston Zodiac.

Mary Caine discovered the terrestial Zodiac in the landscape centred around Kingston upon Thames. This month is Capricorn in the Kingston Zodiac.
Interestingly Capricorn is the 10th sign counting round from Aries.

As we walk we will be connecting to the landscape with the intention of healing the Capricorn energy both in ourselves and the land.

As well as being a wonderful healing and connection to the land, it is a personal journey for transformation.
We shall harness connections to the Earth spirit in the landscape to gain enlightenment and revelations/synchronicity.

At the start of each walk you will have the option to receive a smudging using North American white sage which will cleanse your energy. Sometimes we may use crystals, meditation or cards to support us on our way.

At various sites we bless and honour the spirit of place, its guardians and the ancestors who sought sanctuary here over many centuries.

Sunday 4th January 2015

We will begin at:

Capricorn will be a 2 hour connection/walk and we will go for tea/refreshments and chat for those that wish to stay on. There is a nice friendly cafe in Gunnersbury Park.

We will meet at:
Gunnersbury Park car park
Popes Lane, London W3 8LQ

Nearest stations: Acton Town on Piccadilly and District Line

£5 Concessions


• Bring water & umbrella just in case, and wrap up warm!

• We will be walking on grass and possible muddy puddle pathways this time, however please dress in suitable attire, good walking shoes, trainers. Not flip flops! You may want to wear wellies at this time of year!

• The walk will go ahead no matter what the weather conditions are, and bring a bottle of water as we are not always near shops or cafes.
Further Info:

We shall gather together under the Capricorn stars of the Gunnersbury area.

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Saturn – .known as Chronus -Father Time. Depicted as a horned goat – sometimes with a fish tail, rather than 4 cloven hoofed legs – which gives associations with the Greek God Pan, who changed himself into a goat, jumped into the Nile and emerged half goat – half fish. Sometimes also depicted as a winged goat or dragon, drawing the chariot of Saturn, as it was said time ended with Capricorn – also known as the Gate of death.

Occultist Madame Blavatsky made the comment that Capricorn was the most sacred and mysterious of all the signs.

Element – Earth – Metal – Lead

Gemstone we will be working with will be Green Chrysoprasus.
This crystal brings through the vibration of Divine Truth… and promotes joy and happiness… while healing the heart of energies of depression and anxiety.
It has metaphysical properties for healing as well as being a stone to attract new love and abundance and prosperity.
A very appropriate crystal for Capricorn as this sign is about honour, business and dishonour!

We meet again in the energy coming into the full moon, a significant point in astrological time. The full moon will 4.54am on Monday.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn opposing the Moon in Cancer – all square to Uranus in Aries at the time of this coming Full moon
“This arrangement forms a Grand Cross with Sirius (the brightest visible star, considered as our spiritual sun) with the nodal axis also in sign of Cancer, conjunct the moon.
The combination of the Uranus- Pluto square associated with awakening and personal transformation, aspecting the line of destiny of the nodal axis and aspecting Sirius, which is linked to our spiritual development all form up to emphasise aims for human evolution.” Pam Gregory (astrologer)

This event will inaugerate the first of our journeys on the North side of the River Thames (.which encompass the next 5 signs up to Taurus).
The Capricorn effigy covers quite à large area – from Isleworth in the west to Chiswick and from the river with midpoint of Brentford northwards to Hanwell, Ealing & Acton areas, which cannot be covered in a single day, let alone a few hours, such is the nature of time.

Qualities relative to the sign are Wisdom stability, perseverance and endurance.
Thus with the dedication to hard work, the area has built up as a hive for much evident industrialisation, though subject to some delays and obstructions. Fortunately some green spaces have been spared, notably such Open spaces as Syon Park, Gunnersbury Park (the area of the goats belly – and supposedly named after Canute’s daughter Gunhilda) and areas close to the River Brent (Hanwell – a Well known Earthstars node and Boston Manor).

Brentford, known for its shallow crossing of the Thames, has been the scene of many battles in the past, where many lives were sacrificed in their struggles.
Cassivelaunas blocked Caesars advance, King Edmund Ironside blocked and delayed King Canute in 1016 and King Charles 1st in 1642 viewed the Civil war battle against the Roundheads advance into London which terminated at Turnham Green, at the point of the tail end of the sign.
The ancient and Roman Road to Staines forms the backbone of the effigy in the landscape. Its apparent single horn – which makes the image synonomous with the Unicorn, comes to a point at the junction of the Twickenham and Worple Roads, the opposite side of the river from Richmond. The Head around Isleworth joins to the neck at Cutthroat Lane, Brentford – which heads towards the Gillett Factory on the Great West Road.
Overall Capricorn seems quite enigmatic.
The Horn is symbolically an aid for healing and potentially the cornucopia of plenty.

Perhaps in common with the goat, cleft hoofed creatures such as the White Hart and the symbology of the Unicorn speak of the harmonization of Spirit and the Soul, unified in consciousness, to begin a new year functionally prepared and refreshed.


During our walk the intention is to become enriched and energised by the experience and in that process give back healing to the land and its occupants both natural and human.

We are now in our 3rd year of walking the Kingston Zodiac and continue to find new connections as we move through to new levels of personal and planetary consciousness. There will be plenty of time to meet like minded people and connect with nature.

We look forward to you joining us on this Zodiac Adventure and healing walk, connecting with new friends and old acquaintances.

Love & Gratitude

Jo & Trui xx

The next walk will be into Aquarius: Tuesday 3rd February.

Disclaimer: Please note you are responsible for your own well being on this walk and Jo Ward/Anthony Charlton are not anyway liable for you.

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