Kingston Zodiac book was written by Mary Caine and first published in 2001 by her publisher.

Title: The Kingston Zodiac

Author: Mary Caine

1st Published 2001

In The Kingston Zodiac by Mary Caine describes the history and landscape of each of the 12 zodiac signs and gives varies musings into the meanings and significant of each in relations to their respective sign.

Mary couldn’t help noticing traditional pub names: Ram, Bull, White Hart, Griffin, Druid’s Head, North Star etc Further investigation into local customs and folklore led Mary to conclude that there is indeed a Zodiac at Kingston, quite possibly linked with the Arthurian legends by the appearance of Bleise/Blaise, Merlin’s mentor, in the centre of the zodiac.

The text is well-researched, authoritatively argued and well illustrated. A fascinating and though provoking read with many revelations.

Jo Ward and Anthony (Trui) Charlton have been working in conjunction with The Kingston Zodiac book and Mary Caines insights to further unfold mysteries yet to be discovered in the Kingston zodiac landscape. As planetary consciousness develops, the land and the local people reveal deeper knowledge, history and important understandings for personal enlightenment and planetary healing.  The monthly walks which Jo and Trui have been guided by spirit to take are both personal and earth activation walks in alignment with the current stream of consciousness and lighting up of the earths light grid system.

The earth landscape zodiac is also known as a terrestrial zodiac and is centred around Kingston Upon Thames which is also aligned with the London Ley Line system discovered by Chris Street.

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